Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Horses Never Forget

I went up to Massachusetts to visit a friend on Saturday before the snow storm arrived.
Some of the horses that were at the farm when I worked there are still there today.

I headed back down the hill from the house, to the barn parking lot after visiting, and saw three of the barn crew headed to one of the pastures to bring in four of the horses. I wanted to say hello to all of them too (the people and horses), so followed them to the pasture. The people didn't notice me following as they were in conversation with each other.

They caught three of the horses, but the fourth one was pressed up against the fence and staring at me. They called his name several times but he paid no attention to the barn crew, he just kept staring at me as I approached. It was Howie. When Nina looked to see what had captivated his attention and saw that it was me, she had me take him back to the barn.

I've read several studies recently about how horses don't forget people. It's been six years since I lived and worked in Massachusetts, but it was pretty obvious that Howie remembered me. I scratched his neck and talked to him a little as I led him back down to the barn and he happily walked along at my side.

I don't know if Howie was excited to see me because he always liked me, or if he just remembers that I had a soft spot in my heart for him and fed him extra peppermints. But either way, seeing his excited face as I walked up the hill to the pasture made my day.

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  1. How wonderful. A good friend is easy to remember.