Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Minnesota Girl

A Minnesota girl is not an indoor girl.

Remi was born in Minnesota and spent the first couple years of her life there. Remi loves to be outside, and really thinks there is no good reason for her to be in her stall in the barn. Ever. For any reason.

This horse epitomizes what people say about other people, "they haven't had their cup of coffee yet today."

When you go in the barn in the morning to feed and put horses out - Remi is that horse that is grumpy and ugly until you open her stall door and put her outside. Once she realizes you are putting her out, she turns back into the sweet, in your pocket horse that wants to be your best friend.

Secret was raised in a run-in shed for the first two years of her life, living outside with the herd in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Lilac was born on the side of a mountain in Vermont and spent the first three years of her life there. John was born in Illinois and spent one winter there. None of my horses mind being outside, but they all appreciate coming into their stalls and a fluffy bed of shavings at night. Remi, not so much.

I keep promising her that someday I will get things set up so that she can live in a run-in shed. Until then, I'll keep hustling to get her out the door quickly in the morning.

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