Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Once In A Lifetime Experience

When I talk to people about my recent trip to Peru with First Descents, almost everyone says, "Wow, that was a once in a lifetime experience."

My friend took this photo of me hiking in Peru

And I think, well, yes it was, but I want to do something like that again very soon. Why should we only have these awesome things happen to us once in a lifetime (besides the pesky facts that they are expensive, require vacation time from work, someone to feed your horses, etc)?

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been working on an article for Massachusetts Horse magazine and have talked to some really incredible horse people.

One horse trainer I talked to did the "Best of America by Horseback" ride in 2009 from Mexico to Canada with two of her geldings. She also regularly goes riding with Windwalker Expeditions in Arizona. These guys are endurance riders that take people out riding through Arizona. I can guarantee you that will be on my next Trail Ride Bucket List blog.

And then I went to another barn in Massachusetts this past weekend for an interview for the same article. The barn owner was telling me about this ranch she goes to in Idaho where she does weeklong horse drives, the Silver Spur Ranch. It's not a head to tail horseback riding vacation - it's real riding for experienced riders. Silver Spur Ranch will be on the bucket list too! But the barn owner said something that really stuck when she was telling me more about the ranch in a follow-up email:

"I can guarantee you, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience (one that I’ve done for 7 years now) it’s that fun! And exciting!"

At the end of the day, there are really only two things I want out of life. I want to ride my horses and I want to travel. I guess I better get back to work and figure out how I can pay for all of these adventures with my own horses and once in a lifetime experiences, because I can guarantee you, Peru was not my last!

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