Thursday, December 6, 2012

5 Reasons My Gelding is Fatter Than My Mares

I originally posted this in March 2011, but it still makes me laugh - especially now as John heads back into work from some time off - because it is so true.

This is the original post:

He works twice as hard as the mares, but he is fatter than either of them. I've spent a few days thinking and a few days watching them. This is what I have come up with:

1. Both mares are taller than he is, but I feed them all the same. Probably ought to change my feeding habits.

2. When the girls run around because a school bus drives by, John stands there and eats.

3. When the girls go visit the other horses over the fence, John stands there and eats.

4. When the girls run to the gate because I pull in the driveway, John stands there and eats.

5. I think four reasons is enough. Not much comes between John and his hay, so I guess I better come between John and his hay :)

*On a side note, I could probably add a fifth reason - John knows exactly how to tug at my heart strings and get the lion's share of the treats too. "One for you, one for you, oh, okay, two for you John."

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  1. He sounds like my Pie - all food, all the time!