Thursday, November 22, 2012

That's My Horse

Last week, my brother thought he would be helpful, and decided to put the horses in. Everything went without incident until he got to John. He slipped John's halter off when they got to the stall door, and John, being an opportunist, wheeled around and went back outside to eat grass in the square.

The square isn't very big.

Especially after Tim closed a couple of gates. But John managed to keep the game up for half an hour, before he let Tim catch him.

And yes, I asked, he tried grain, peppermints, and all of that. I think John was getting a kick out of irritating Tim.

Last night, I was putting horses in, and as usual, took Secret in first. I put her in her stall, took her halter off, patted her and then went back outside. The gate to the pasture had caught on some mud, and stayed open. I'm slightly distracted this week and didn't even notice.

John noticed.

He was standing in the pasture, stretching his neck as far as he could through the open gate to steal a bite of grass from the square and then looking at me as if to say, "Hey, you left the gate open. Do you want to come get me? I'm waiting..."

I guess he knows who buys the carrots.

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