Saturday, November 3, 2012

FDX Day Nine

We woke up early again today, as we were on a tight time schedule. We had a four-hour hike down to our bus, and then had to drive an hour to the train station, where we would catch the 4:30 pm train to Machu Picchu.

We made great time down the rest of the mountain and ended up with time to kill at the agreed meeting point. We thanked our chefs and horsemen, whom none of this would have been possible without and spent some time talking about what we had just accomplished.

The bus arrived and we loaded up and headed for the train station. We had a light snack at the station and then found Machu Picchu. Our group of seven girls ended up in a different car than the rest of the group and sat with another local guide who told us more about Machu Picchu, and what we would be seeing.

We arrived at the train station, grabbed our luggage and headed to our hotel. After quick (and cold!) showers, we went out for dinner and then to bed early to prepare for the day ahead.

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