Monday, October 29, 2012

FDX Peru Day 4

After breakfast, we broke down our camp and started loading the rafts back up to continue our journey down the river.

Apurimac means “the God that speaks” and we enjoyed hearing about the history of the river and Peru from Juanito. Our boat for the day was: Omey, Caesar, Hefty, Sunshine, Carnage and myself. We spent a lot of time laughing, taking surveys and enjoying our time on the river. There were a couple more portages and a few nerve-wracking moments too.

Peru has lots of rocks. This particular section of the river seemed to have an abundance. It didn’t help that the river was low; the rainy season will be starting soon. At one point, we though, or I guess Juanito thought, we could squeak through a tight spot surrounded by rocks, and we ended up vertical on a rock. Water was gushing into the boat, but Juanito calmly climbed out of the raft and pushed us back off the rock and into the river. A little while later we ended up in a similar situation with more rocks and Hefty fell out of the boat, but she never let go of the rope and within seconds she was back in and we were paddling down the river. Despite our mishaps, we were having a great time and enjoying the day.

It was a long day on the river before we found our second campsite and set up camp for another night. This time, I slept great in the tent, I was finally tired enough from all of our adventures and misadventures to get a good night’s sleep.

A view of our raft, as taken from the other raft of FDers!

Another view of our raft.

Another view of the rocks in the river.

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