Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FDX Day Six

Day six was a free day, so five of us decided to head to the Saqsaywaman (pronounced Sexy Woman) ruins and explore. Our hotel called us a cab and Ducky, Omey, Limbo, Caesar and I piled out on top of the hill at Sexy Woman. After Ducky and Caesar negotiated us a better rate for our tickets into the ruins, we went inside to explore.

I asked a woman to take our picture, and it turned out she was a tour guide as well. We negotiated with Clara and ended up paying her 20 soles to give us a tour of the ruins. Clara told us about the history of Sexy Woman, how it was built and about the Spaniards invading. We tried to soak up all of the history, but were really having more fun taking pictures and enjoying the fact that we were in Peru!

At the end of our tour, Clara left us and we did some final exploring on our own, including building a human pyramid and having a guy from Montreal take our pictures.

After Sexy Woman we went back to downtown Cusco to do some shopping. Most of the stores sold the same things. We also needed a few additional items before our trek – like walking sticks.

After we finished shopping, we headed back to the hotel to pack for the next part of our journey. We had another great dinner out and went to bed early to prepare for our next big adventure.

Omey and I always take a "goofing off" picture

Our pyramid!

The view from "Sexy Woman" - see where it says Viva El Peru!

Our group of girls at "Sexy Woman"

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