Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tyrone Farm Judged Pleasure Ride

Last Saturday (September 15th), I went with my friend Megan and her horse Cocoa to the Tyrone Farm Judged Pleasure Ride in Pomfret. They host a series of three judged pleasure rides every year, this was the last one for the season. You are judged on how well your horse handles four obstacles, and then ride a marked trail of nine miles.

Tyrone Farm is an absolutely beautiful place to ride, and I thought the obstacles and mileage would be good training and conditioning for Secret. The day started with a rain shower, but cleared up to be perfect riding weather.

The four obstacles at this ride were: opening a rope gate, backing a serpentine, cantering a circle and halting on command, and dismounting, trot out and back and then remount. The fourth obstacle was easy for us, the other three presented a bit of a challenge and gave us some homework.

On the nine mile ride, we walked for a little, and then did quite a bit of trotting, with some cantering thrown in. Secret was a bit feisty as we added trot and canter work, with several bucks (more like crow hops, nothing dangerous, just bouncy) thrown in here and there. All in all I was very proud of her though.

Megan took the photo with her phone of Secret and I spinning around while I tried to take a photo with my phone.

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