Sunday, September 16, 2012

Horse Camping in Rhode Island Part Two

Hurricane Isaac, who at that point was a tropical storm was blowing into the Northeast Saturday night. Megan’s husband had called while we were riding Saturday afternoon to tell us about the two tornados in New York City and to tell us to take shelter. Megan told him it was nice out and we were still on the horses!

We were sitting under the pop up tent, at one of the picnic tables provided by Arcadia finishing dinner when it began downpouring. During one of the breaks in the rain, we all ran and threw horses more hay and went to bed. I was testing out my new Thermarest sleep pad that I was taking to Peru. I definitely need a second pillow before Peru, I didn’t get much sleep. When I got up at 6 to feed the horses, they weren’t very wet and seemed happy. I crawled back into my sleeping bag for a bit longer.

After we ate breakfast, we saddled up for another ride. Contrary to the thoughts of the entire group, Secret was bouncing out of ride camp. Esther looked at her and said, “I guess we didn’t tire her out at all.” She settled down quicker on Sunday, and I rode her on the buckle for most of the day. She was anywhere from second to fourth in line and was super well-behaved all day, which made for a very relaxing ride for me. As much as I love John, “pleasurable” is not always a word I associate with trail riding him, he can be a handful, especially when riding in groups. Secret is the opposite and I was really able to enjoy the weekend.

On another side note, there was only one other horse in the entire campground (which is huge) the first night we were there. It was on the opposite side of the camp, and promptly got loose and came trotting over. Although our horses were on alert, they never tried to get loose. I stood in front of them, while Megan grabbed the horse and took it back to its owner, who was following it. When we got back from riding on Sunday afternoon, there were several horses being tacked up at trailers and headed out for an afternoon ride.

We rode ten miles on Sunday, and were packed up and home by 4 pm. I think it was just the kind of break we all needed from the stresses of daily life. I was thrilled with how well Secret handled the entire experience, including camping overnight in an outdoor paddock, and can’t wait for our next adventure.

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