Monday, August 27, 2012

Wildlife Continued

The deer population in Connecticut is alive and thriving; especially those deer that live near farms. The heat and horse flies have finally backed off enough that I’ve started riding around the farm again. When they planted the corn in the spring, they left small access strips along the edges of a couple of fields so that my cousin and I could ride our horses. Riding my taller horse, the corn still towers over me. On the other side, are the woods. In some places, grass has grown in the access strips and it is up to my knees when I am on my horse – so about five feet tall maybe.

Our access area to the farm roads

All of this combined, except for me and my horse, makes a wildlife paradise. On a ride a few weeks back, Secret and I were coming back to the barn, and came to the access area above. As we were headed into the strip between the corn and woods, we startled a deer who was snacking on the corn and he bolted into the woods. He in turn startled us. Luckily Secret took a few quick steps and then stopped.

On a ride a few days later we scared this same deer; or one of his friends again. We were a bit more prepared this time, and it also happened as we were leaving for a ride - headed up the hill on the access strip – so Secret could see everything that was going on.

This is the spot where the deer spooked the horses so many times. You can see how trampled down they have the grass

I took John out a couple of weeks ago. We got out for our ride fine, and I figured the deer must have heard us coming this time. On the way back though, there was that deer again. John doesn’t mind exerting extra energy as much as Secret does and took off at a gallop for home. About 100 feet later I stopped him, walked him back up the hill and made him do it correctly.

Friday I went out for a ride and talked the whole way up the hill, so the deer would be sure to hear us coming. We got up the hill fine, around the bend on the next access strip and made it to a hayfield. This field adjoins a cornfield, and I walk my horses on the edge between them so I don’t damage either crop. As we stepped off the access strip and onto the edge of the hayfield, a deer darted out of the corn and across the hayfield. I think it may have scared me more than it did Secret. On the way back, I talked and the entire time.

The new favorite spot of the deer, I really wasn't expecting them!

Despite the distractions from the wildlife, I keep heading out on rides around the farm. I love the peaceful moments of the ride. I love the soothing sound of the wind rustling through the corn. Mostly, I love to ride.

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