Monday, August 20, 2012

Tri-State Dressage Show

I took Secret to the Tri-State Dressage Show on Sunday, July 29th. We did the three Intro Level dressage tests.

It was just over at Woodstock Fairgrounds - so it was an easy drive - but they had 190 rides. There were three dressage rings going, plus a jumping course up on the hill. What a fabulous turnout for them - unfortunately for me it meant that my first test wasn't until 11:33 AM and my last test was at 3:35 pm. I tried braiding Secret myself at home, and then trailered her to the show. By the time we got there, the braid was out. Luckily, Kate from Lollipop Farm was kind enough to rebraid for me (and Kate's braid stayed in all day!)

Secret completely enjoyed being at a horse show in a grass field, and spent all of her free time eating. As you can imagine, with a show this large, the rings got a little backed up at times, so we had plenty of warm up time. She was totally calm, cool and collected during the warm ups and I was very happy with her.

Our first and third test were in ring one and our second test was in ring two. I discovered that Secret is afraid of air conditioners (ring one was up against the back of the secretary's booth). She put on quite a show when she saw the air conditioner. First she stopped dead and I wasn't sure I would get her to move (we were supposed to be trotting). When she did start again, there was a buck in place, a jump over to X (which is in the middle of the ring), and then some fancy footwork back down the rail. I was hoping that since we did all this during the first test, our second test in that ring would be better - but she wasn't having any part of the air conditioner. The judge remarked that she was an elegant horse with a lot of potential, but a few discipline problems! She managed to get seconds, but her scores reflected the discipline problems. I might need to find an air conditioner to practice with at home.

Her test in ring 3 was awesome. She had a minor bobble at one point, and we still have some trouble getting down the center line in a straight line, but I was really happy with her after Test B. She won that class - and won an umbrella with the first place ribbon. I think that was a bad omen because it down poured in the afternoon. Next time I think they should give out sun visors.

All in all, it was a good day, plenty of homework to do, but some really positive moments too.

The three pictures are of Secret's favorite part of the show.

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