Monday, July 2, 2012


One of the interesting things about trail riding, is the wildlife that you run into along the way. I'm not always sure that my horses agree with me that the wildlife is interesting. Then again, sometimes I don't agree with myself.

Two weeks ago, I was riding Secret in the evening (around 6 pm, but still broad daylight because of daylight savings time).

We were riding on the farm road between the hay fields on top of the hill, when we ran into a baby skunk, nosing around in the grass on the side of the farm road.

I did not stop to take a picture, I found this one on google.

When the little guy noticed us, he turned his back on us and lifted his tail. I was horrified, I don't know how to get skunk smell out, and don't want to learn. I quietly urged Secret forward. About 300 feet further up the road, we ran into his little brother. I saw this one a little sooner and urged her way around him, to avoid another scene with a lifted tail.

Phew. I thought we would have a peaceful walk the rest of the way home, when we turned into the next hayfield, towards home. The field had been mowed and the hay was in wind rows. Three hay wagons were parked out there waiting to bale hay the next day. Two huge turkey vultures were sitting on the hay wagons. They creeped me out - have you ever seen the head of one of those things up close?

I found this picture on google too.

Luckily the rest of the trail ride passed without incident and we had a peaceful walk home. I hope the next time we run into wildlife, its Bambi, or a killdeer bird trying to protect her nest.

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