Saturday, July 28, 2012

Making A List...Peru Packing

I've started to think about packing for my trip to Peru and Machu Picchu this October. On Thursday, I went to see my doctor about vaccines. This is what CDC says I need:

- Routine vaccines
- Hepatitis A & B
- Tetanus
- Typhoid
- Yellow Fever

I had the routine vaccines as a child (polio, measles, mumps etc). So those are all set. I'm pretty sure I had a tetanus booster in 2006. My doctor and I both think I had Hepatitis A & B before I went to Costa Rica in 2000. The problem is, I wasn't her patient back then. Marcia (her Physician's assistant) went down to the basement to find my medical records to see if I really had those vaccines - no sense having them if I don't need them! Unfortunately, my medical records are buried somewhere in the basement, so someone is going to search them out.

I do need a Typhoid vaccine. Its in a pill form though, so my doctor called it into my pharmacy and I can get that out of the way anytime I want.

Yellow Fever. Ugh. My doctor didn't believe me that I needed this. When I told her it was on the CDC website, she went and looked. Sure enough, I need it because we will be rafting down the Apurimac River during mosquito season. My doctor can't administer the Yellow Fever vaccine (very few can). She told me once I found somewhere to get the vaccine, to schedule the date of the vaccine when I didn't have anything else planned. "You're going to be stiff and sick..."

In more exciting news, I ordered a new pair of hiking boots awhile back and need to break them in. Okay, I didn't have hiking boots to begin with. Since I don't do much hiking, I ordered the waterproof Ariat Terrain hikers that are popular with trail riders. After Peru, they will become riding boots. The other day I ordered a Thermarest sleep mat from Eastern Mountain Sports. That should be very useful on overnight trail rides too (and a much better option than the run of the mill sleep mat I use now).

Next on the list: travel insurance that includes emergency evacuation. The outfitters won't let me travel with them until I have it.

I'm also still on the fence between a really large duffel bag for a suitcase and a multi-day backpack. Since I will also be taking a day-pack to hike with, and won't have much use for the multi-day pack beyond Peru, I'm leaning towards the really large duffel with multiple compartments.

Whichever way you look at, making the packing list and accumulating the things you need is a fun process!

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