Friday, May 4, 2012


This winter, my horses all ate the last of their Himalayan salt blocks. I didn't get them new ones right away and felt really guilty about it for quite some time.

I finally ordered them new ones, and rushed right out to put them in their stalls. They didn't touch them. For days.

While this assuaged my guilt-ridden conscience, it did lead me to ponder their nutritional needs a bit.

About a month ago, I saw some Redmond Rock in a local store and picked one up. Its from Utah and is supposed to be one of the best salt blocks you can offer horses, with extra minerals etceteras.

I put the Redmond Rock in the salt holder in the field, and no one has ever seen any of my three horses touch it. Ivy the goat does like it though. The Himalayan salt blocks in their stalls are still pretty untouched. Although Remi did take hers out of the holder and bury it in her bedding one day.

Now I was really pondering their salt needs.

Every night when I am mixing grain for my horses, I add in a dash of table salt (if you choose to do this, make sure its salt without iodine). I don't know if they are getting enough salt from this, or if their needs have changed, but whatever the reason, they are consuming less salt than they used to. I know they like the Himalayan salts. I had Secret at a boarding facility with an indoor once and she ate the 2 pound Himalayan block in a week.

Whatever the reason, I trust that my horses know what they need. The salt is there if they need it. In the meantime, I'm sure I'll find something else to feel guilty about!

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