Sunday, April 22, 2012

Race For Home

When I began trail riding around the farm again at the beginning of the spring, my horses would take a nice leisurely walk on the first half of the ride. Sure, they would perk up when they saw something interesting, or jig a bit if they were nervous, but we had a really nice first half of the ride. And then, when we turned for home, the second half of the ride was always a race. They know every trail around the farm just as well as I do and would speed up, at times breaking into a trot, to get home.

I wasn't really okay with this. It was a bit of a problem last year too, but I decided this was the year I would actually do something about it! When they started getting faster on the way home, I turned them around and made them go back and do it the right way. Again and again and again, until they walked home. Secret got it right away. She realized that she had to work harder if she tried to race for home. John was a bit more stubborn, but he has been getting away with bad behavior longer than Secret has. He finally got it though. Although they both have a bit more spring to their step on the way home, I am glad they are a bit saner about it. Now onto the next bad habit that I let them get away with.

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