Monday, April 30, 2012

Nice Canter!

One of the things Secret has struggled with most under saddle is the canter. She is more like a motorcycle than a horse, leaning in and going faster and faster. I've schooled it a ton. I've worked on transitions and other exercises and then come back to it, trying to improve it without actually cantering. Its still a struggle. At this point, I think half of it is mental - she anticipates and gets herself worked up before she needs to be.

The other day, I was riding across the cornfield and asked her for a canter. Boom, right lead canter. Not only was she cantering, it was slow, collected and she was on the bit. I was thrilled. After we cantered for a stretch, I turned her around and walked back to the place where we had begun. I asked for the left lead canter and got the same result.

A week later, I asked again, in the same place. Once again, I got a really nice canter. I think I will be limiting our canter work to the fields for a little while so that she can build confidence and the right muscles. Then I will keep my fingers crossed and try it in the ring again.

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