Saturday, March 31, 2012

Steady Eddie

It's March. And last week, the weather in Connecticut was fabulous. With that, and my entry being sent in to the Leverett 25-mile competitive trail ride on May 5th, I have been riding more.

All three horses are doing well, but the surprising theme so far is that Secret has been the steady eddie. She had a monumental day earlier in the month, and has followed it with more good behavior. Those of you who have met Secret, are probably a little surprised to find out she is the horse that I can trail ride around the farm on a loose rein. I'm very proud of her!!

I'm not really sure what this year holds for her and Remi. Ideally, I would like to get both of them out in public some. But I'm not too worried about it either. If they get out and about, that's great, they are both fabulous horses. But I can also enjoy them at home just as easily, and continue to build on what we have accomplished.

Time will tell.

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