Thursday, March 1, 2012

Monumental Day

Only a horse person could get excited about this...

However, any of you that have been reading these posts for awhile know that John has had some difficulty adjusting to camping overnight at competitive trail rides (the ones that don't have stalls). His issue is that he prefers to only urinate in a stall. The Warren Tessier ride was awful for him in 2010, and that was the ride when I realized I needed to work on his issue.

In 2011, he did better. He found a nice grassy spot to relieve himself in as soon as I unloaded him from the trailer at Acadia National Park. Then again, if I had been in that trailer for that crazy ride, I might have done the same thing.

Long story short, he has been getting better about urinating outside as the season progressed. At home, he has still been waiting until he gets in his stall at night.

On Saturday, February 25th I put Secret in first, like I normally do. When I went back to the gate to get John, he was taking care of business. Progress!! Sometimes, time really is the best thing you can do for a problem. Next issue to focus on: his behavior issues while we're waiting to start at a competitive trail ride!


  1. Pippi often waits til she is in her stall too. We have it set up so Pippi can come in and out of her stall to her field in case of weather or if her outside bucket of water is empty. She will go inside, do her thing, and go back out. Makes cleaning the stall a pain. Glad your guy is doing better(:

  2. He was just being a Gentleman before.:)

  3. Miranda - I wish I had that kind of situation for John! My parents barn has one stall like that, and my brother's gelding gets it, for various reasons.

    Emme - if this was facebook I would "like" your comment :)