Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Monumental Day

It was absolutely beautiful in Connecticut today - warm and sunny (this picture is from the fall, but you get the idea). Even though I haven't been riding a lot, I felt the urge to try a trail ride around the farm anyway.

I took Secret, she's been working the most consistently, even if it is just a bit of ringwork here and there when we have decent footing.

If you don't know anything about Secret, here is the 411:
- she isn't very brave
- when in doubt, she thinks we should head for home...and is willing to take control

She has done the loop around the farm countless times, alone and in company. If another horse is leading, she behaves a bit better, but is still known to act up.

However, today was different. I think she is as bored with bending and transitions as I am. She walked along on a loose rein for most of the ride. She didn't jump sideways three feet at "scary" things. The only time she thought about turning around was when we had to cross through the cow yard (the cows can't touch her, they are on the other side of the gate...but thats close enough). But she did it.

I was very proud of her, she's finally maturing!! Or I finally gave her enough time and confidence building exercises to allow her to do it? Whatever the reason, I think we both had a great ride.

Think spring!

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