Thursday, February 16, 2012

Taking Inventory

As winter winds down, I find myself more and more impatient to begin trail ride/horse show season again. Riding my horses and working towards my goals for each of them lifts my spirits and fulfills me with a greater sense of purpose than anything else.

Flipping through the most recent Dover Saddlery sale catalog, I noticed rain sheets and other blankets that I really could use if we ended up on another ride like day one of the Jersey Devil in October. For a reminder of the cold, wet ride, read the post Jersey Devil Part 2.

As I was flipping through the catalog, thinking I should buy a blanket, I vaguely remembered buying John a lightweight waterproof sheet from Schneiders Saddlery a few years ago. I decided I better look into this vague memory before buying any more blankets!

I have a huge tack trunk that my grandfather built me for my birthday when I was a teenager. It went to one horse show, and proved to be so heavy (its very well built) that it has since become a blanket trunk.

Rummaging through the trunk was like Christmas morning. Not only did I find the Schneiders waterproof lightweight sheet, that is lined with fleece on the inside, I also found one of the honeycomb chill chaser sheets from Dover Saddlery too. I bought that one a few years ago.

As I was excitedly trying them back on John (of course they fit, they were ordered for him), I'm sure he was rolling his eyes at me.

"Didn't it occur to you to take blanket inventory before I was cold and wet at the Jersey Devil mom?"

For now, the blankets are back in plastic (to keep them clean etc) and in the trunk. However, this year, when ride season begins, I won't forget that I also have a couple more very useful sheets to travel with.


  1. I wish I had a trunk that had blankets in it. Pippi is so hard on her blankets she has to get new ones every year. I am sure John will love the blankets when he finally gets to where them.

  2. Isn't it great to find that you don't have to spend money? love that feeling.

  3. Miranda - Its an expensive trunk :) Although I was lucky and my Aunt gave me a bunch when she moved to Florida. John's worn both of these in the past when I boarded him at a barn with an indoor. I can't believe I forgot about them! My mares are hard on blankets too. The toughest ones I've found (given to me by my aunt) have a Mountain and the word Everest on the logo. I can't find them in catalogs, but these are virtually indestructible, try ebay or something, best blankets I own! My friend has the Centaur blankets - those are great too (and you can order them from catalogs).