Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snow Days

Last Saturday, we had some serious snow. Not like the snowmaggedon we ended up with last year, but we got around 6 inches. We were going to leave the horses in, because it was snowing so hard. But Remi was insistent that they go out. She turns into "popcorn" in her stall when she is left in for too long. Her definition of too long is about 1/2 an hour after their normal morning turnout time.

Given a choice, I think she would be happiest in a run-in with 24 hour turnout. I'm working on that for her.

But last week, the best I could do was turn them out for a little while. I cleaned their stalls and stayed in the barn, so that as soon as they had enough, I could put them in.

John loves his stall and was a little curious as to why they were out in a snowstorm.

After about an hour outside, Remi wasn't so sure that going out in the storm was a good idea after all.

She was a lot mellower when she came inside, and even had snow in her eyelashes.

On Sunday, they were all happier outside. The sun was shining and they had fresh snow to play in.


  1. Pippi will not leave the barn without her hood when it snows. Horses sure have their preferences! And i suppose the prerogative to change their minds.