Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Funny Trail Story

Last week I was riding Secret on the short woods trail. We were picking our way along through the brush when a squirrel noticed us. He was about five feet in front of us and ran to the nearest tree. He climbed about four feet up, but then he must have lost his grip on the tree.

He fell down and landed with a small splat in a bush below the tree.

The bush has already lost its leaves and I could see him perfectly, he wasn't moving.

I felt really bad and worried that Secret and I had given him a heart attack. We had been standing still, but I asked Secret to walk forward so we could check the squirrel.

As we got closer to him, he looked up, and saw us. He let out a small shriek and scampered off. We went in the opposite direction.

1 comment:

  1. Humans on an animal must be quite a sight for a little Squirtel (we call them that since our son did, ten years ago!! Holding on to our babies as hard as I can). Can't imagine how frightening it must be. Lol