Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Colorado Relay - Part 5

Van 2 at the finish line
Our team running to the finish line together

Knowing how hard the second half of my leg had been on me, I worried about Baby Guac. She was already tired (we all were!) and had a long leg too. We met her I think four times on her leg, to refill her water bottle and offer encouragement. She did awesome.

We were going to meet Marvel once on her leg (only four miles - but mostly climbing miles), but she ran so fast we missed her!

Mateo had the last leg. It was one of the hardest legs of the race - the last climb into Snowmass, on single track. Basically he ran up one mountain, back down (where the whole team, his parents and girlfriend met him to refill his water bottle) and then up another mountain, back down and then up into Snowmass village where we ran across the finish line as a team. He killed the last leg.

The sense of accomplishment and comraderie we had running through Snowmass as a team and across the finish line was incredible. Running 200 miles as a team, (it took us a little over 35 hours) is an incredible achievement. And we were a team of cancer survivors - running for a camp that means a lot to all of us. We were also proud that we did not skip any legs or cheat (drive runners) at all - we legitimately ran all 200 miles. And we didn't place last - we finished ahead of 7 other teams (including the team of Marines who got me back on course).

While I am not sure I will be running any relay races soon, I still marvel at the team and individual achievement of all of us. I started off 2011 as a non-runner. By the end of the summer, I had run 22.7 miles of the Colorado Relay, and I have a really cool belt buckle (and some awesome new friends!) to prove it.

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