Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Colorado Relay - Part 3

I now had a really long stretch of time before I had to run again. According to our team predictions, my next leg would happen at about 12:30 am.

I cheered on my fellow van mates, hung out with teammates from Van 1 when our vans met up at exchange points, and tried to eat some and drink as much water as possible.

As the evening wore on, my next leg was approaching. Sleep was impossible, but we all tried to rest some while we waited for our next round.

And then the skies opened up again. We had a serious thunderstorm with lightning and heavy rains. Smurfette got hailed on while she ran her leg. When it was time for Buttons to run her 10 mile leg, it was raining so hard that many teams skipped the leg. Buttons had Brooks (her boyfriend and night pacer) with her, and ran the leg anyway.

The night finally cleared and it was quiet and peaceful as I waited for Lemondrop. My night pacer, John and I were joined by one other runner, a marine, as we waited at the exchange point. Everyone else was either that far ahead of us legitimately or had skipped legs and were now that far ahead of us.

Lemondrop came into view, and John and I cheered her into the finish, grabbed the number and started running. This leg was only 5.5 miles, and at 7000 feet. The night was beautiful with the stars shining brightly. We ran on the road the whole time and it was very dark, in some places there were no street lights, the only light coming from John and I's headlamps. When cars came along, he dropped back behind me, my only fear that they were drunk drivers behind the wheel. We ran the 5.5 miles at a pretty good pace, saw a couple of shooting stars and got to the next exchange point at 1:30 in the morning (having left the last exchange point at 12:40 am).

Baby Guac and Marvel asked how it went (the three sea level people were all in van 2 and we all struggled with the altitude on our first leg). I told them, "You are going to love this leg, there is so much oxygen out there!"

We hopped into the van and drove to the next exchange point. I tried to sleep a little in the back of the van. After awhile I got a little queasy. The feeling kept getting worse and worse. I hopped out of the parked van and puked into the bushes. ENC came back, Baby Guac went out and we headed to the next exchange point.

Continued tomorrow...

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