Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Cows Come From California...

...And Secret would be happier if our cows went to California! This is as close as she was "comfortable" getting to the cows. Can you even see them in the picture? Another day, we will work on our fear of cows, but it made me laugh!


  1. Pippi spent the weekend at a country fair, and was surrounded by the sounds of cows. At one point they were using the stall next to her as a "cow beauty salon." Pipi was fine with it, until a calf came in that was pitching a fit. Apparently Pippi started "yelling at him"; snorting, pawing her feet, and bearing teeth. The sound of her settled the calf down! LOL

  2. That is so funny Emme!! Glad Pippi convinced the calf that the beauty saloon was not worth getting upset about :)