Thursday, May 5, 2011


Our first 25 mile competitive trail ride of the season was this past Saturday (April 30th). Leverett was our rookie ride last year and its a fun ride, so I sent my entry in February (otherwise you end up on the wait list) and off we went.

I rode with one of Megan's sons. She has a broken scapula and her other son has a horse with a cut frog - it was fun not to ride alone. Burnie's horse never wants to lead and my horse never wants to follow so it worked out well.

The trail was pretty similar to the one we rode last year (maybe even exactly the same?) and I was pretty comfortable with what was required.

I was still a bit worried about John (I worry well). I did not condition as much this spring as I had last spring. Our longest ride had been an hour and fifteen minutes. I also went out one day after some heavy rain, thinking that some riding would be better than no riding and went through the mud, and John's wind puffs (acquired going through the mud at competitive trail ride last fall) flared up. I took the ride really slow.

John came through in fine form. He had "no change" remarks from both vets in the hand's on portion of his final vet out. He lost 2 points on the trot out (he was tired and I was lame - a post for another day) for a score of 98 out of 100. I am very proud of him :)

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