Friday, May 6, 2011

Grazing Backwards

There is a small piece of grass in between the barn and the pasture where my horses go out.

Rather than mowing this grass, I hand graze each of my horses for a few minutes on the way in or out of the barn. They think this is great (although I believe they would like more than a few minutes.) The picture above was taken at Leverett but you get the idea.

Occassionally, I will lead the horses forward to a "better" spot of grass. For me, this means somewhere that needs to be mowed.

The mares believe they know better than I do. If I lead them forward, they will graze backwards (taking steps back as the eat) until they are back in the spot where we started.

You can lead a horse to water (or grass) but he or she will make their own decisions!

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