Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rider Beware

I took Secret out for a little hack around the field last week. She had several days off prior to this outing because of rain and my busy schedule.

I hopped on and walked her down the road to the field.

I am used to my horses feeling like a coiled spring on occasion, but Secret was different today. Usually, if she has a lot of energy, she will snort with every step she takes. But today, there was no snorting, there was an explosiveness brewing under the surface that she was working very hard to contain.

At one point she stopped walking, stood still, bucked in place, swished her tail once and then proceeded to walk.

I interpreted this as "Rider Beware."

After some more bursts of energy, she did settle down and we had a calmer walk. I haven't taken her into the ring yet this spring, but perhaps it might be a good idea if she has several days off in a row again.

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