Friday, April 8, 2011

Braver Than I Thought

The other day, I took John on his one hour trail ride at dusk. We left the barn at 5:55 pm and headed over the hill to walk the farm roads.

We ran into two herds of white tail deer. The first group had six and the second group (seen much later on our walk) had three. Of course on viewing us, the deer shot their white tails into the air and bounded away.

We saw a big flock of turkeys (I didn't bother to count - at least twenty). When they saw us, they flew up into the trees.

We walked right into a flock of Canada geese, who flew away as we walked into their midst.

John did not spook at any of this. He stopped and watched and then when he was satisified, we continued walking. I was so proud of my little horse.

For good measure (and to keep my ego in check), he did spook once on the way home. A leaf blew across the road and he jumped three feet and spun around :) Don't sweat the small stuff John...

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