Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reading Recommendation

I recently finished the last books in the Susan Richards trilogy. No, its not Star Wars and there are no hobbits in the books, but for a horse person they were a great read.

I read the second book first, after finding it in a used book store in Chapel Hill. That prompted me to read the first book, so I could fully understand the second book. Liking both of those, I just finished the third book. Here they are in order.

Chosen By A Horse is about how rescuing an abused horse helped Richards heal herself. It is about the remarkable journey she and this horse faced and the healing power of horses. If you only read one of Susan Richards books, read this one.

Chosen Forever picks up where the first book leaves off and explains the lasting benefits Susan received by rescuing the horse.

Saddled is the third book and intrigued me most because one of Susan's horses, Georgia, is a Morgan mare and this book focuses a lot on her. Georgia was the first horse she got and the one that prompted her to realize she was an alcoholic and to become sober. Susan is very honest about herself and talks about the joy her Morgan brought into her life.

They were all great books and I had a hard time putting them down, so if you are looking for your next rainy day read, these are worth seeking.

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