Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pictures of Perspective

In November 2009, I had to go in the water with John (it was cold). After leading him through the pond, I rode through. Halfway through, he leaped up and sideways onto the Jersey barriers (large cement blocks) that created the pond and used them as a bridge to walk the rest of the way out.

I spent three days in March 2010 standing in a pond (it was cold) while he got over his dislike of water. Pictures two and three were taken after the three days were over.

On a training ride in April 2010 (the first picture) we confirmed he would no longer refuse to go in water, after finding a sinkhole in the pond at Goodwin State Forest.

Water is no longer an issue, but we do have some other things we are working on this spring!


  1. Horses and water are always an interesting challenge until they get used to it. I think it's cool that you led him in the beginning. I do that a lot myself when in difficult situations with a horse.

  2. Thank you! I had to lead him, he is very smart and I let him get away with not going in the water once. BIG mistake, he remembered that day well. We were at a hunter pace the first day I led him (November) - he wouldn't follow the other horses, he wouldn't let us sandwich him, just stood there and refused. Since I wanted to compete in 25 mile rides, I figured I better start early - hence climbing in the pond in March. I sunk up over my waterproof boots in the pond and we moved to the stream, that is pictured. I think we both learned our lesson :)