Friday, March 4, 2011


It is March and I am standing in the driveway, longing John on the one patch of decent footing I can find. There is one giant puddle at the top of the circle, but he gamely trots through it every time around.

I am feeling slightly bummed that everyone else is riding already and their horses maybe aren't quite as pudgy as mine is.

But then a word creeps into my brain, perspective.

Last March I was standing in a pond (literally) trying to convince John that he would not melt if he came and stood in the pond with me. As he splashes through the puddle on his way around the longe circle, I am reminded of how far we have come in a year.

Even though this is just the third time I have longed John, the definition is already coming back in his shoulders. His belly is already receding. My friends are right, once you have a fitness base, it will not take much to get the horse back into shape. I might be another story though!

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