Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Hair Wars

The hair wars have officially begun.

Yes, the horses have started shedding. My clothing, my jeep and everything in between has officially been invaded by horse hair.

The interesting thing about horse's winter coats is that they are not all the same. I have four horses living in my parents barn. They are all fed the same and live in the same conditions.

Lilac has enough hair for all of them combined. She is like a fuzzy bear. When I finish grooming her, it looks like a small animal has died in her stall. The next morning, she does not look like she has been brushed in ages.

John has goat hair. His body hair is pretty normal, but along his belly and on his flanks, he grows this long, wiry hair. The only good way to explain it is goat hair.

Secret has a short, thick coat. The shedding blade does not do much for her but a curry comb works wonders.

Remi has the best coat, it is sleek and shiny. Remi does not grow much of a winter coat. She never gets cold during the winter though, I think it has something to do with growing up in Minnesota. The odd part about this is, Remi has twice as much mane and forelock as the other horses combined, so we know she is capable of growing hair. However, she will be my favorite one to "shed out" this year!

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  1. We've got major shedding here, too. One thing I learned the hard way - don't put on chap stick just before grooming a shedding horse!