Friday, February 18, 2011

Change of Heart

When I first became interested in competitive trail riding and found out that a lot of riders kept their horses in run-in sheds I was slightly concerned.

I can't do that. My horses live in stalls.

Four months ago at the Warren Tessier 25 mile competitive trail ride, Linda, one of the judges, suggested I put John in a field so he would get over his problematic issue about only urinating in his stall.

I gave her an incredulous look and said, I can't do that.

As winter has dragged on, I have seriously wished I could put my horses in run-in sheds. They are at my parents barn and without making some changes, this cannot be done immeadiately.

Why the change of heart?

For starters, Remi is ten times happier when she is outside and lets you know when she has been in her stall for too long. Giving her free choice turnout would make her a very happy horse. I also made some other changes this year and have seen how much happier my horses are when I just let them be horses. Things like not blanketing made my horses quite a bit happier. I also worry about John's joints. He has great joints, but I want to keep them that way. Knowing he has a season of rides ahead, I would be happier knowing that he could move around if he wanted to. And lastly, it just might solve the problem of getting him to urinate outside faster than my idea of teaching him to urinate when I whistle is.

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