Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I have a lot of new years resolutions for the horses. And have written several very long posts in my head relating to them, but getting it typed and posted has not been as successful.

Instead, I guess I will post a brief synopsis and fill in more details as the year progresses.

Here it goes:

1. Most important is for my horses to stay healthy and happy. 2010 was not a banner year in this category. A couple of "didn't amount to anything but a vet bill" leg injuries and a popped splint on Secret added up to a discouraging health year in 2010. I will be more proactive in 2011.

2. Competitive Trail Rides. John loved them. I loved them. I want to do more in 2011 and ride in some new places too. Number one on the list is Acadia National Park in Maine. My goals for John are to improve our vet ins and vet outs and work on pulsing down.

3. Canter. Secret and I need to get back to dressage lessons and work on our canter. I've been trail riding quite a bit and she really enjoys it, so hopefully that will be a good confidence and balance builder for her.

4. Training. I've started training Remi, she's been backed, she long lines and long story short, she is smarter than the other two combined! I'm really excited to continue working with her but want to take it slow and make sure it is done well.

5. Fitness. To be a better rider I need to do more cross training. I improved in 2010 but more progress can be made. Time to stop talking about running and just do it :)

And there are more, but as I said, I will fill in the blanks later. This gives you a brief idea of what 2011 will look like though!

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