Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making Plans

At this point, we are all sick of the snow. I think only my friends that ski and snowmobile are happy right now.

So what does a snow bound equestrian do in the winter?

We make plans for summer equine activities.

I have gotten several emails, phone calls and texts over the last few days asking about events.

Have you attended such and such an event? Are you going to this trail ride? Do you want to try this event in 2011?

It makes me smile to start thinking about all of the fun we are going to have riding this summer. We're just going to have to get through a really long mud season first :)

But my friends got me busy making plans too. I've started pencilling in dates on my calendar and even though there are many more events written down than I will probably attend, it is a fun way to get over some of the winter blues.

I've also been filling some of my non-riding time making plans to attend the ECTRA (Eastern Competitive Trail Ride Association) Convention - they have a very educational day set up and helping with some Connecticut Morgan Horse Association activities.

And pretty soon it will be time to start planning the Spring Fever trail ride. That will really make me smile!

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