Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Cold Out There!

The truth is, I have never been a huge fan of winter. But I have learned to accept winter for what it is and appreciate certain aspects of the season.

However, mother nature just might shatter our fragile truce this year.

We have had a ton of snow and now we have moved onto really cold weather (it was -14 when I left Ashford for work this morning). We should have more snow - another 12 inches or so - by Wednesday.

All of this cold and snow does lead one to be a bit more vigilant in horse care. You may have noticed already, but my horses absolutely love the snow and do not share my disdain for the season.

After reading Joe Camp's book, I decided to hold off on blanketing. After all, horses have survived millions of years without blankets and since none of them are working hard...

The strange thing is John has less hair this winter than he did last winter with two blankets on. And he seems a whole lot happier too. Maybe its not strange at all. Remi thinks we are all crazy. She was raised in Minnesota, this weather really does not phase her much. As long as there is hay, Secret is happy with whatever life presents.

I did notice yesterday that Secret had not drank much water overnight. I know horses often colic when it gets cold and they are not drinking enough water. I took out one of her regular pails and put her heated pail back in her stall. I also added salt into her beet pulp mash last night. She drank plenty of water last night.

And in the end, there is nothing I can do about the cold or the snow, so I guess we will keep taking it one day at a time (and maybe I will start a countdown to spring.)

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