Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Indian Summer

Did you get outside last weekend and enjoy some of the Indian summer weather? It was absolutely beautiful in New England and I went for a long walk around the farm on John.

As I rode through the fields, holding my reins on the buckle, I reminicsed about all of the rides that led up to this point. Truly, it was a relaxed and really enjoyable trail ride where I could enjoy the scenery and think about other things.

I could not have "checked out" on a trail ride around the farm with John last year. Or earlier this year. But with a lot of hard work and communication between us, he has become the trail horse (at least at home!) that I have always wanted to ride. Sure, he still tries to change the route sometimes - including this ride - and I can't always walk around the farm without really riding, but sometimes it is nice to enjoy the efforts of all of the previous rides. Every stride counts.

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  1. I love having a ride like this, basking in the reward of rides that went on before. Good for you, and better for your horse! Ah, Indian Summer for sure.