Friday, October 22, 2010

2nd Annual Fun In The Forest Trail Ride A Success

The 2nd Annual Fun In The Forest Trail Ride to benefit First Descents ( was held on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at the Silvermine Campground in Natchaug State Forest in Eastford.

Short story - it was really windy from leftovers of a Nor'Easter but we had a lot of fun and raised $800 for First Descents. For the long story, keep reading.

It was windy and cold. Only nineteen people rode. Some came, walked around and decided it was too windy for their horses and then went home. The nineteen that did ride had a great time. I usually don't ride the rides I am organizing - its just too much to do. But my good friend Debbie was driving an hour and a half down from Massachusetts with a three year old gelding that had never been on a trail ride before. I decided to ride with Debbie.

Dice K (Debbie's gelding - nicknamed after the Boston Red Sox pitcher) got off the trailer and walked around pretty calmly. So far so good. We tacked up our horses and off we rode. Half mile into the trail, riding side by side, both horses scooted forward really fast. I yelled "hey" at John because he knows better than that and then looked behind me to see what he could possibly be afraid of. I saw a really large branch hit the ground. It would have hit Debbie and I in the heads if our horses hadn't saved us! The rest of the trail ride went great and was lots of fun :) Dice K was a star - so much better behaved than John was on his first trail ride.

I would not have been able to ride without the help of Kelsey McMullen and Sharon Aborn on registration and Carolyn Stearns coordinating lunch. Thank you ladies!

And of course, the ride would not have been nearly as much fun without Janeen Rose choosing and marking the trail and coordinating the scavenger hunt.

The Fun In The Forest Trail Ride also has great prizes. Thank you to our prize donors - all riders left with at least one prize! Our 2010 sponsors were: Edible Arrangements, Dover Saddlery, Jade Stanbrook, Judy Candage, Absorbine, Finish Line, MacMountain Tack Repair, Riding Right, Deb's Special Treasures, Farnam, Griffinbrook Saddles, Best Shot Pet, US Rider, Slypner Gear, FarmVet,, Long Riders Gear, Equine Monitors and Hunter Pace Tack Shop.

Lunch also had sponsors this year! Subway donated grinders, Chaplin Farm donated apples, Edible Arrangements donated fruit, and Walmart and BJ's Wholesale Club both donated gift cards that were used to purchase water, soda, chips and granola bars.

And finally a really big THANK YOU to everyone that came out and rode with us. The 2010 riders (and fundraisers) were: Maureen Hanink, Linda Wenner, Barbara Godejohn, Janeen Rose, Hannah Kalichman, Lauren Marshall, Jenna Goldsnider, Debbie Lukas, Barbara Archambault, Sylvie Napoli, Loree Oswoski, Gail Miller, Susan Scott, Lisa Gallagher, Dennis Gallagher, Lisa Glow, Bonnie Glow and Jean Morrison. Thank you all for coming to ride for First Descents with me!

I can't wait to see you all again in 2011 as we ride for First Descents again!

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